In my opinion i think xbox 360 is the best console so far.Out of all my questioning most say that xbox 360 is better than playstation 3 and wii.

1st place - Xbox 360
2nd place - playstation 3
3rd place - wii

Go playstation 4, xbox 720 and wii u

OG gAMEZZ can't wait for the sony playstation 4 comes out!
The ps4 will have more features.
And WE especially hope there are more extreme real life graphics,better than enb series!
But wait Xbox 720,might take over the ps4 because microsoft creates operating systems,so the
xbox 720 might be better.

and last but not least wii u (wii 2)
the wii u willbe nintendo's first console to have hd graphics.
i think the resolution is 1080p.